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Hopkins Pools is proud to say that we install what we sell. Whether you have purchased a spa, hot tub, sauna or one of our many other products, we are at your service. Doing the project yourself but maybe still need some pointers? No Problem! We’re here to help. We have a team ready to help you for whatever back yard project you have on your wish list. Don’t forget. Hopkins Pools offers Stump grinding for those of you who have stumps or roots holding up your project. Also our general excavation service to help you prepare your site with leveling, trenching for plumbing and electrical, hole dig for your pool project. And last, our sod removal service for you do-it-yourselfers. One of the hardest things you will ever do is to try to remove the grass from your back yard project. Try this service today. It will save you time, it’s cheap, and most of all it will save your back.
Pricing for the above listed installations in most cases is a must see. Just fill out the contact us form and someone will be back with you shortly. Be sure to specify the project you wish installed.

Be sure view our wholesale priced in-ground and above ground pools and products, toys and floaters, back yard tiki / bamboo bars, bazebos (custom and kits), yard furnishings and more . Contact us
Services and installations offered
 Hot Tubs
 Tanning Beds
Gazebos (custom built or kit assembly)
Custom Decks (aluminum deck kits for pools)
Cement Patios
Patio Covers (wood or aluminum)
Arbor / Trellis Tops
Stump grinding service
Sod removal service
Excavation service

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How to order a above ground pool wall repair kit from Hopkins pools  - 06/03/2017 12:48 PM
As our web site is under reconstruction we ask that you call in your order to 504-915-9659. You can ...
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Pool and Deck combo - 02/26/2014 09:46 AM
  Oval pools / round. Installed above ground or sunk part way in the ground. We do it all.
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